We Need


Please provide all records and necessary information requested, including:

=>  [NEW CLIENTS ONLY]  Copies of last 2 years tax returns
(both Federal & State)

=>  W-2’s for wages, salaries, tips, and pensions

=>  1098s for mortgage interest paid to financial institutions

=>  1099s for interest, dividends, state tax refunds, gambling
winnings, unemployment compensation, social security,
non-employee compensation, prize awards, etc.

=>  Information about Property Taxes paid during the year (if you
own Real Estate)

=>  Deductions to include all medical expenses, DMV fees,
contributions, (cash & non cash) Note:  Receipts are now required
for all cash donations and an itemized list is required for all
non-cash donations over $500. To get non-cash values, go on the
internet to “Goodwill Industries” as they have a complete list of
the deductable amounts.  Also need previous years tax
preparation fees, union dues, job seeking expenses, uniforms
and/or safety protective equipment, professional fees, prepaid
estimated tax payments to any State or the IRS

=>  Social security numbers for all dependents and the correct
spelling of names for all dependents you wish to claim on your

=>  Name, Address, Social Security Number (or ID#) of Licensed Day

=>  Complete income and expense statements for any small business
you own

=>  Any other information that you think we might need to do a
complete and accurate return

We do not include any income or expenses without appropriate documentation.  This is to eliminate tax agencies to claim for fraud or mis-representation.  This is for your protection, now, and in the future.



=>  Copy of most recent Credit Report either from Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion.  You may obtain these free of charge from here Annual Credit Report.

=>  Name, Address, and Social Security Number